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Guide for Wearing Rings on Both Hands

Depending on the finger on which you wear a ring, the meaning will change. you will then create different effects and styles, when you wear your ring. Hence, here in this websites, you will be able to click here for more on the ways to wear a ring on both your hands.

You can wear the ring on left and the right hand. Those who follow the Western culture believes that one should wear the rings on the left hand. The tradition of the Western people is not however respected by all cultures. For instance, you will find the Greek people wearing their wedding rings on the right hand. The Western people believe that the right hand is used to do many duties. You will also find these people using the right hand to perform the manual dexterity. The left hand, however, is associated with emotions and beliefs. There is a percentage of the population that won’t be affected by this rule, as they are left-handed. When you want to wear your ring on your hand, but you are a physically engaged person, it is important that you wear it on a hand that you do not use most. When you are going for s camping trip, you will find the big statement ring an irrelevant accessory, but it will be a good ring to wear to a dinner date.

It will also be fun and cheerful when you can wear the ring on the little finger. The dainty pinky will be best suited for by the wideband ring. In case you are wearing a wedding band on your left hand, you will find it appropriate to wear the ring on the right punky.

The middle finger is also another option with which you can wear your rings. Comparing the fingers in your hand, the middle finger is the biggest. Due to the size of this finger, you will find it damaging the rings that are worn on it. A slim band will be appropriate when you want to wear a ring on this finger.

The ring finger, is the most commonly known finger in which the wedding and engagement rings are worn. This finger is also known as the third finger and depending on your culture, this finger will speak your marital status. You can then decide to wear wedding bands and the engagement rings on this finger. Some will first place the wedding band on the finger, then you can add the engagement ring on the next. When worn like this, you will find that some jewelers offer a matching bands and engagement rings that compliments.