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How Your Religion Can Help in Addiction Recovery.

A lot of people hear of addiction but defining it doesn’t get better than what Alice Miller says. She talks of it as a sign, a symptom or even a signal of distress. She goes ahead to say that addiction is a language telling of a plight that needs to be understood. Almost in all religions there is a caution on drugs and alcoholism.Therefore, addiction can be discussed from a religious point of view. Does being religious help you stay sober? Is religion a prevention against addiction? Is it true that a lot of people who are keen on living religiously have a better stamina in staying clean and sober? Research studies have likened the loss of religious faith to an addict who is not able to get access to a drug he or she had becomes used to. People can easily preach the Gospel when everything is proceeding well but things get tricky when trials and tribulations start and they abandon their faith because they blame God for not being there for them. It is worth noting that being spiritual does not mean things will always happen the way you want them to. If there is ever a time to hold on tight to your faith and grow tenfold it is the time when you are at your worst. You will win if this is the kind of attitude you have.

For the longest time, a lot of people helping addicts never thought to bring religion into it. Changes have been made in the provision of care in all fields where patients are treated through a holistic approach.The fact that spirituality has been brought into the equation has seen the number of people recovering from addiction go up. Studies have shown that people who attend religious services regularly and follow the teaching tend to stay away from indulging in drug use, smoking and even taking alcohol. There is a high chance that a recovering addict will resist the temptation to go back to his or her old ways when he or she has the help of the church community in staying sober. This is why a lot of people prefer Christian rehabs to the ordinary ones. You won’t feel the need to go back to substance abuse when you know there is a God who loves you unconditionally.

A lot of people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs go down that road because they are struggling with something. It is usually because they do not have someone to talk to who will understand. In the religious meetings which help them to stay sober there is a sense of love and support and this gives them the feeling that someone cares. This makes you think twice before turning to drugs or the brown bottle when you feel like things are getting out of hand. You can click here for more details on addiction and religion.

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