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The Important Classifications of the Character Archetypes in Literature

As you are going through literature you will realize the different character archetypes. The point behind the application of character archetypes is that each character will outline a different aspect. There are those characters that you will find everywhere in a story while there are others that have limited roles. The good thing about having a good understanding of the character archetypes is that you will not struggle with getting the concept of the entire story. This page tries to explain to you some of the character archetypes that you will come across in literature. The following are some of the most common character archetypes in a story.

One of the character archetypes is the hero in a story. It is good that you understand that the hero in the story has various obstacles in the story. As the story progresses you will realize that the hero will be able to deal with the hardships that he comes across. When you are reading the literature you understand that the hero is the one we can call the protagonist. The character archetypes hero will have positive sides in the story as he tries to do good but other characters are against the hero. The character archetypes hero represent the positives in the story. The other characteristic of the character archetypes hero is that the character tries to save the people from danger.

The mentor marks the other group of the character archetypes. If you are a reading a book you will be presented by certain characters that are extraordinary in a way. You are also likely to come across the mentor character that has a lot of wisdom that is above other characters. The good thing about mentors in a story is that they support the hero by showing them the way. At the certain point, you will get to know that the protagonist will seek help from the mentor. At certain levels, the writer chooses to eliminate the mentor through death.

The other classification of the character archetypes is the villain. It should be noted that the villain is a type of character that is against the hero and tries to create problems to the hero. The other character trait of the villain is that they are ever bad. The villain characters try their level best to get power over any other character or object. It should be noted that the villain criticizes all efforts of the hero. The villain is characterized by doing things that will be the opposite of what the hero is doing so that it is hard for the hero to fulfill his interests.

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