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Benefits of Having an Older Friend

There is a possibility that my best friend was looking to get her initial car when I was still a newborn. This is because she is fifteen years older than me. It took us almost thirty years before we finally met. Yet, she has become a part of my life.

You will learn that Janie and I met at a time when our daughters were to be picked from preschool. You will note that she is the kind of person that appreciates bringing teachers a number of gifts whenever there is a chance to do so. She was often putting on athletic gear. She would then be seen headed towards walking on the track after bidding her child goodbye. It is important to indicate that while she had a more blissful look, she would occasionally be seen putting on leggings just like any other young mom. However, there was something different about Janie. It was not difficult to learn that while she had a child that was within the age bracket of our children, she was older than a good number of us. There was a particular day that she requested that I join her on this track. My son was with my parents for a number of hours. I therefore easily obliged to this invitation. This is when we discovered more about the things that we have in common. This is what made it possible to connect with one another immediately.

Three years have gone by and our friendship has become even more formidable. Janie got her daughter when she was 45 after a marriage filled with adventure. You will learn that they had a cabin which they co-owned with her husband where they would retreat each weekend. As soon as they learnt that they were expecting, they opted to have a bigger house built on this particular property. They also had to start acting more like adults. Their bundle of joy came to the world the next August. Our daughters are best friends too. However, their daughter was diagnosed with a very unusual chromosomal shortcoming. This is to mean that she would experience development delays in her whole life. We read much about this condition together with her that same evening leaving us quite a changed people.

I have just come from a beach trip with her. Even though she is aged, she wore that child-like delight and maintained her enthusiasm. You will find that we certainly are polar opposites in various ways. You will however note that an older friend will often act as your confidant, mentor as well as a trailblazer all at the same time. Given that she understands how to figure out a good number of things, it is hard for her to judge anyone.