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The Steps to Follow During the Passport Application Process

Most of the people out there dream of traveling to other countries with their families for fun. The only problem is that only a third of the people in America have a passport. It is necessary to visit other countries and interact with people from different languages and cultures. It is possible for you to apply for the passport and then it does not get approved if you do not know the right procedure for doing so.

You are either applying for a new passport or renewing the old one. Do not risk sending a mail to apply a passport for you if you have a different name and do not have legal documents to prove that you are the same person. Children who are under the age of sixteen are also supposed to apply for the passport in person. The only time a person is allowed to send a mail is when it is in your current legal name.

After determining whether you have to apply in person, or you can mail the passport application, you need to gather your documentation. Apart from the application form and the application fee, you also require documents such as proof of your citizenship, evidence of the I.D, two passports sized photos and social serial number. Form DS-82 is for renewals. The other type of passport form is the DS-3053 which is filled by the parents of the minors in case the other parent is not around or if the parent has sole custody of the child.
In case you were born in the United States, you just need to provide the department with a copy of the birth certificate.

For identification, the applicant needs to provide the current and the valid driver’s license, the I.D that was issued by the government or the military issued I.D.

The type of passport application and the age of the applicant are some of the factors that affect the amount supposed to be paid. These application and the acceptance fees are paid separately.

There are different ways of seeing the right office to visit. In case you want the passport immediately, you can schedule an appointment with the passport agency that is nearest to you.

The passport needs to be kept safe from theft or damage. One of the copies should this be carried in your new destination in case of any emergencies. The photocopy acts as proof in case you lose the passport.

There are some about countries where the passport cannot expire within a month of your arrival. In other regions, your passport needs to be valid for six months or more before you go visiting the area whether you are going for a long or a short stay.

Applying for a passport can be a long and a time-consuming process but it can be made more accessible by knowing what is expected and how you need to do it.